I lead a fun, but busy, life. As such, I put the time for our date aside especially. I like to do all that I can to ensure that we will have an amazing time together, and a deposit allows me to do this by showing that you are committed to seeing me.

Your deposit is not refundable or transferable if you cancel or reschedule the date as I have set this time aside just for you. If I need to cancel, your deposit will be refunded or put towards a future date if you wish.

Deposit Options
- BPAY (appears on your statement as ‘Qantas’) – for dates 3+ days in advance
- Direct bank transfer (appears on your statement as ‘Woods’) - for dates 2+ days in advance
- Credit card over the phone (appears on your statement as ‘Qantas’) - instant
- e-gift card - instant
- Beemit app - instant

Deposit Amounts
1 hour+ $50
2 hours+ $200
4 hours+ $300
12 hours+ $1000
24 hours+ 50% of total cost