Request a Date

I’m flattered that you’re ready to make a date! Please fill out the form on this page, or email or SMS me with the same information. Enquiries made over the weekend will be answered the following Monday.

Availability I am generally available between 6am and 9pm Monday through Friday.

Please note that from August onwards I will no longer be actively advertising, and will only be available exclusively to gentlemen I have previously met. If we have spent time together and you would like to continue our dates, please keep my phone number or email and feel free to contact me at any time – even when my ads, social media and/or website are no longer online. I would love for us to stay connected. I’m so excited to continue building our relationship in a more exclusive manner. If we are yet to meet, this is your chance to get in my little black book. Contact me now to arrange a date. Don’t delay – I would hate for us to miss each other.

Location I can host our date near the Brisbane CBD or we can meet at your upscale hotel. Please get in touch for more details on my location.

SMS 0427 900 933


You can also find me on Scarlet Blue.

I require a mobile phone number to confirm all dates. Never fear, I will not contact you on this number until you have explicitly instructed me to do so.
Requesting a same day date? Skip the form and SMS me instead.
Please note that I do not visit private residences.
A brief introduction – tell me a little bit about yourself! Feel free to ask any questions or include any requests for our time together.