Have we had the pleasure of spending time together? I would love you to write something special about our time together on my Scarlet Blue profile. Given the choice, I would prefer for reviews not to be posted on Punter Planet.


“A funny, irreverent, and whip smart young woman who is terrific fun to spend time with.”

— Mr K, March 2019

"Her natural beauty blew me away and actually made it hard to focus in our initial conversation, something that doesn’t happen often." 

— Mr R, February 2019

"Blair is incredibly gorgeous and a master of conversation. My time spent with her was amazing and unforgettable." 

— Mr C, October 2018

"I was uncertain how my time with Blair would go. However, due to her patience and understanding it was time well spent." 

— Mr C, August 2018

"Blair is a naturally beautiful woman [...] she has a great tight, slim body and just generally looks bright, healthy and fit [...] She is outgoing, chatty and quite funny. If you want good company or just a nice chat during downtime in the bedroom Blair has a great personality." 

— Mr A, July 2018

"This delectable young lady commands all of your attention both in and out of the bedroom and quite simply has the most beautiful derrière I have ever had the pleasure to experience [...] I was able to further explore and enjoy her captivating mind in a more relaxed environment over lunch which only went on to fuel the intensity and passion of what was to follow."

— Mr P, July 2018

"She is a wonderful girl who will give you her full attention. In between sessions we lie down embracing, joking and laughing about anything and everything. She was genuinely engaging and and interested in everything we discussed."

— Mr A, June 2018

"Blair is so easy to talk to and puts you very much at ease and after a few minutes you feel like you are old friends. That's a special skill that not everyone has, Blair has it."

— Mr T, June 2018

"She exudes elegance and charm, [...] with both an unmatched inner and outer beauty that disarms one the moment you see her beaming smile. A young lady that I am sure will make a spectacular success of any journey she chooses to pursue."

— Mr P, June 2018

"Sitting across the table from such an amazing and gorgeous lady is the stuff dreams are made of, the conversation just flowed, we laughed at each other and joked throughout the dinner before we realised the time had come for our dessert back at Blair’s new apartment. Dessert was out of this world and our time back behind closed doors went way too quickly." 

— Mr P, February 2018

"Blair is an absolute gem [...] She does a great job making a conversing genuinely to start sessions, and she is great on repeat visits, picking up where you left off. She has a lovely place and organising times is a breeze." 

— Mr T, February 2018

"I had the pleasure of spending some time with the gorgeous Blair. I was pretty nervous at first, but as soon as I saw how sexy and friendly Blair was, I was instantly relaxed. Blair is so easy to talk to, and provided the most intimate and authentic experience I've had."

— Mr C, February 2018

"The term girlfriend experience gets thrown around so much in the escort world that it kind of loses meaning but it's exactly how I would describe last night with Blair. Like having the girlfriend of your dreams."

— Mr J, January 2018

“Blair is super intuitive when it comes to sex and has an obvious ability to sense what turns you on. She genuinely loves knowing that you’re enjoying yourself."

— Mr M, November 2017

“Blair is a gorgeous, friendly lady. I was very nervous but she made me feel welcome from the moment we met. Not only is she gorgeous but her intelligence is unprecedented. Chatting over a few drinks to break the ice really helped me to relax, and what came next in the bedroom was even more fun."

— Mr J, October 2017

“I was greeted at the door by Blair and her sheer gorgeousness. We chatted on the lounge where she put my nerves at ease and I forgot in an instant the troubles of what was going on outside. The rest I’ll leave to your imagination or better still book some time yourself."

— Mr P, October 2017