I'm so glad you've found me!

I'm Blair, a vibrant young Australian lady with a wickedly naughty smile. I enjoy making genuine connections, and I trust you are here because the same is true of you. You'll find me to be sweet, caring and flirtatious, with an unconventional flair. I am pleasant, easy company, and will make you feel instantly relaxed. I'm confident in the bedroom, and love to kiss, flirt, tease, and reawaken your sexual energy – but I'm also more than happy for you to take the reigns!

As we live only once, there’s no time for bad dates. I know we can have plenty of fun together, so I want you to engage with your desires, and take responsibility for your sexual fulfilment – make a date with me. I’d love to meet for a short tryst at my apartment or your hotel, or for a longer adventure where we can really get to know each other over drinks or dinner. I'm well versed in Brisbane's restaurant scene and will happily provide dining recommendations (or perhaps I can accompany you to your favourite place?)

The ball is in your court now; send it back by contacting me

If this world is new to you, please let me know and I'll happily guide you through the experience.


I love to explore ideas and grow in my experiences. In my down time I love to read books of all shapes and sizes. My to-read list is always growing and I’d love to hear your recommendations.

I also love dining out and going to live shows (cabaret and stand up comedy are my favourites). I’m also currently working on my cooking skills at home – getting better every day! I’m not much of a party gal, but I do enjoying indulging in a glass of wine or a cocktail with friends on the weekend. I enjoy taking care of myself; fitness and healthy eating are a priority in my life.


Current Residence Brisbane, Australia
Nationality Caucasian, born in Australia
Age 24 years old
Body 155cm / 5'1, toned size 4, with natural A cup breasts
Appearance Long brunette hair, warm smile, striking green-grey eyes, soft lips and skin
Education Currently completing a Bachelors degree