Dinner Dates – What’s the point?

Isn't the point of seeing an escort that you can indulge in intimacy, as soon as you meet? Isn't the point that there are no strings attached and no emotional connections?

Some men feel that investing time and money into a social interaction is a waste, and of course, that is perfectly fine. It's your hand earned cash, and if you prefer if you prefer to invest in a short and sweet rendezvous between the sheets then of course, go straight ahead! However, there's something to be said about building a connection and getting to know someone, before getting intimate.

Many men enjoy the excitement of meeting a new escort for a bedroom rendezvous. They enjoy the opportunity to skip the usual social pleasantries involved in the everyday dating world and get straight down to business. This is can be lots of fun! However, I think it's worth admitting that meeting an escort is a carefully orchestrated, and somewhat unusual, situation. Unless you regularly meet escorts, you probably don't strip your clothes off and start getting down and dirty with someone you met only 10 minutes ago. As I said, this situation is somewhat unusual. As a result, the faster pace of a shorter bedroom rendezvous can make some men feel uncomfortable, and even anxious. Many men enjoy getting to know a lady before getting intimate. Now, this is where the dinner date comes in.

A dinner date is an evening of relaxation, companionship and intimacy. We can take our time – perhaps you'd like to get acquainted over a drink, enjoy dinner and then, of course, 'dessert'. A dinner date has all the hallmarks of a typical date – maybe a bottle of wine, definitely lots of flirting, and of course, getting to know each other in a relaxed environment. There's just one difference – you're guaranteed to get laid at the end of the night. The connection that is built over a long delicious dinner makes the sex so much better when we finally jump in to bed together. 

Have you been thinking about a dinner date, but you're not sure where to start? Here are a few of my favourite restaurants, to get your mind wandering:
Otto – Delicious Italian with breathtaking views of the Story Bridge. Perfect if you are staying in a CBD hotel for the evening. 
Beccofino – A gorgeous little Italian restaurant, just around the corner from my apartment. There's also an excellent gelato place nearby if you have a sweet tooth. 
Gerard's Bistro – A middle eastern inspired restaurant on James St with share plates and a new wine list every week. They also have a charcuterie bar on the deck out the back – perfect for a drink before or after dinner.    
Tara Thai – For those who prefer a more casual date – excellent Thai food in the centre of the Valley. There's also an excellent gin bar straight across the road if you fancy a night cap.

I look forward to indulging over dinner with you.